In process.... Moving my databases to a new server

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I was maintaining my pgAdmin with the updates as they've been coming through. One feature that I really loved, and then lost, was the ability to break the query panels into separate windows. I performed an update and discovered that pgAdmin was no longer compatible with the version of the databse I was running on the server. There are a lot of problems that pile up when you do an update to fix obsolete software and this was no exception. 

I use the SSL mode to authenticate and connect to the database. That's changed quite a bit and was also no longer compatible. So, when I updated it for the new server, I had problems accessing the legacy data with the old certificates and accessing the data on the new server from the same machine using the newer certificates to name just one. This entiry is a test to see if the blog data transfered tot he new database and is functional. 

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 | Comments (0)

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