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Crucial used to be my go-to place for memory and SSD hard drives. They have a nice feature that can be loaded from their web site that scans your PC and tells you what memory will work in your system. That feature is still available. They also had excellent delivery and track history. I could order today and get a notice the same day that the order was shipped. \

They now have a new web site that has caused me nothing but problems. My first experience with it rejected my password, so I had to create a new password. It rejected the new password as well and we had to check out as a guest. It took forever for the hard drive to arrive. I needed another drive and I wanted to expedite it so I ordered it to be shipped overnight. I ordered it on Thursday last week and today, Monday, it still hasn't shipped, but at last this time, it accepted my new password... and, as I suspected, it has none of my order history.

I contacted them via their online chat. The individual went to look up my order and could see that they have my order, but his statement to me absolutely floored me. He said, "Thanks for your patience. Hopefully soon the part will get ship to you". Hopefully? No date, no expected date? Only hopefully? Is it possible that I might not even get my drive? I made promises to my client to install the drive and repair his PC and it's simply not going to happen, maybe not ever. I can only hope to accomplish my work.

It appears that Crucial is under new management or they are in serious trouble. I can't tell which it is. If it was simply a stock issue or they had another comparable drive, they didn't say or offer any solution except to refund my shipping cost when and if they eventually get around to shipping it. Now, I must deal with a charge on my credit card that fell off because they couldn't fulfill the order and sometime in the near or far future, it'll suddenly appear causing me additional problems.

I really like their products. I just hope they get their act together soon




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